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Moisturizer & Cream
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  • Significantly improves the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks
  • Clinically proven to moisturise skin for 24 hours
  • Fragrance-free
  • Intensely moisturizes skin for 24 hours
  • Made with soothing oat to hydrate skin
  • Fragrance-free formula
  • 18 fl. oz of therapeutic lotion
  • Prebiotic Triple Oat Complex and Natural Shea Butter
  • Gentle enough for dry, sensitive skin
  • Fragrance-free and steroid-free
  • Balance Elastin E Cream nourishes and replace essential protein which is gradually loss due to aging.
  • The combination of 5000 i.u. of natural vitamin E
  • Proven effective in the prevention of scar formation.
  • Proven effective in the prevention of wrinkles and dry skin.

- Formulated to treat dry, chapped, cracked skin on hands, elbows and feet
- Non-greasy cream
- Complements the treatments for eczema and psoriasis
- Shea butter locks in moisture for softer and healthier skin

  • Intense and lasting moisture to replenish sensitive, dry skin great for eczema-prone and very dry skin
  • Clinically proven to provide immediate, long-lasting hydration that soothes dry, itchy skin
  • Unique formula attracts water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss
  • Quick absorbing, rich, non-greasy
  • Fragrance-free, mild, non-irritating
  • Moisture Lock technology to improve skin hydration from day 1
  • Clinically proven intense moisturization and protection for 24 hours
  • Immediately absorbed and leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and protected
  • Contains sweet almond oil, a natural emollient.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Ideal for both face and body
  • Long-lasting hydration for up to 4 days after last use
  • Includes avocado oil, an emollient with antioxidant properties that makes skin softer and protects skin.
  • Unique combination of emollients and humectants to strengthen and protect skin
  • Does not clog pores