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[PROMO!!] BactePRO Antibacterial Disinfectant Liquid 5000ml (Ready Stock!!)
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Brand BactePRO
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Effectively kills 99.9% bacterial and germs. Bactepro liquid is trusted by most families to protect and prevent germs on everyday use.

Bactepro is effective in eliminates bacterial and germs that are harmful to you and your family.
- It provides 100% protection against germs which cause illness.
- This multi-uses solution cleans and disinfects almost every household surface.
- Widely use on disinfects surfaces in your home; Laundry Sanitizer, washing, body cleaning, Sanitizes soft surfaces,
floor cleaning, multi-surface cleaning
- Eliminates odors at the source.
- Proven safe and effective concentrated disinfectant.

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