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  • Removes all water-soluble eye and face make-up.
  • Unclog and tightens pores to reduce reoccurence of acne
  • Is quick and convenient to use.
  • Has been tested on, and proven to be compatible with, sensitive skin and eyes
  • It contains an innovative combination of active ingredients:
  • APG Complex: an effective yet extra mild cleansing complex.
  • Gluco-glycerol: a nature-derived moisturising active.
  • Hyaluronic acid: skin care active with a high moisture binding capacity.
  • Replenishes moisture to dry, scaly and itchy skin conditions caused by detergent, shampoo, highly alkaline soap or chemical.
  • Relieves infantile and allergic eczemas, icthyosis; hyperkeratotic; winter itch in aged patients and winter chapping.
  • Easily washable, non-sticky hydrating cream with a refreshing fragrance.
  • Contains Urea 10%