Polleney Pure Honey 380g
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POLLENEY® Pure Honey
POLLENEY® Pure Honey originates from the nectar of a rare species of flower called the Autumn-Linden found in the unpolluted Siberian highlands. The nectar of Autumn-Linden is rich and pure due to its growth in the unpolluted landscape and fertile environment.
Bees in that area only collect nectar from these Autumn-Linden flowers during late fall (Autumn), which is the period before their hibernation. Thus the honey they produce (POLLENEY® Pure Honey) comprises of high nutritional properties, which will enable them to live through the harsh winter. Since the nectar collected by these bees is from a single kind of flower, POLLENEY® Pure Honey embodies a strong Autumn-Linden fragrance that distinguishes it from other honey.

Why choose POLLENEY® Pure Honey?
- Freshness
- Taste
- Chloramphenicol free
- Totally Pure!

Benefits of POLLENEY® Pure Honey:
- Replacement for sugar
- Easily Digested
- Low calorie level
- Fat free

Different uses for POLLENEY® Pure Honey:
POLLENEY® Pure Honey can be added to water or your favourite beverage as a replacement for sugar (eg. coffee, tea, milk, etc). It can also be used for cooking, baking, barbeques, toast, as bread spread, topping for desserts, etc.

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